Sunday, August 3, 2008

Journal 6

Starkman, Neal (July 2008).Teachers & Technology: June Weston. T.H.E. Journal. 12.

The American Education Corporation's A+nywhere Learning System provides curriculum at all grade and ability levels as well as a pre-post testing option that allows for accelerated student movement. It helped the students in the Special Needs Alternative Program (SNAP) get back on track both behaviorally and academically. June Weston used it in her one room classroom for students with special needs so that she could teach high school students a variety of subjects at a variety of teaching levels. This program also targets specific skill development in the areas of conflict resolution, social skill development, behavior management, and academic achievement.

June Weston describes her students as being fearful of failure and distrustful of adults in authority. However, their confidence begins to increase as they learn to use the computers because they control the pace of their learning. June’s biggest challenge was the mental gymnastics it took to assist many different students who were working on 10 different subjects at many different grade levels.

Can I use this program effectively in my classroom?

This program would be invaluable in an inclusion classroom. It would have been perfect for my classroom in New York. I hope that I can bring this technology with me where ever I might teach.

Can I convince my school district to invest in this software?

In light of the requirements of NCLB I believe that it is short sighted not to invest in this type of software. Teachers can clearly excelerate their student's learning and improve test scores! However, if I can't I guess it will be back to the fund-raising option.

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